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IT Asset Monitoring and Management

Introducing IT Asset Monitoring and Management: Effortless Control and Optimization for Your Digital Resources


In today’s technology-driven world, managing your IT assets is a complex but critical task. That’s where our IT Asset Monitoring and Management solution comes in, offering you a comprehensive and streamlined approach to oversee, control, and optimize your digital resources.

Our solution provides a 360-degree view of your IT assets, whether it’s hardware, software, or network devices. We understand that these assets are the lifeblood of your business, and ensuring their efficient use, security, and compliance is paramount.

With IT Asset Monitoring and Management, you can:

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Real-Time Visibility

Gain real-time visibility into the status and location of your assets. Track hardware and software usage to ensure you're making the most of your investments.

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Proactive Monitoring

Stay ahead of issues with proactive monitoring. Identify potential problems and vulnerabilities before they impact your operations.

Business Optimization: Cost Control, Quality, and Project Management

Cost Optimization

Optimize your IT budget by identifying underutilized resources and eliminating unnecessary expenses. Make data-driven decisions to save on operational costs.

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Compliance and Security

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and protect your sensitive data. Our solution helps you maintain a secure and compliant IT environment.

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Asset Lifecycle Management

Track the entire lifecycle of your assets, from procurement to retirement. Streamline procurement, maintenance, and disposal processes.

Financial report

Customized Reporting

Access detailed reports and insights on your assets. Tailor reports to your specific needs for better decision-making.

Plans and Prices


Just the basics you need to start
starting 100€ Monthly
  • 1h Service per month
  • Device Managent
  • Priority Service


Grow your IT
starting 200€ Monthly
  • All from Entry
  • Cloud Service for management
  • (Mobile) Device Monitoring and Management


All you need to work worry-free
starting 250€ Monthly
  • All from Grow
  • Cloud Server with Windows OS
  • Software Package (Microsoft 365, ESET, ACRONIS, Sophos, etc.)


For even more specialise needs
  • All from Full-Service
  • Cloud Server with any OS
  • Branch Software Support
  • Dedicated Service Number
  • incl. free Academy access
BEST Value